Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the Brookfield Place Sydney project?

A. The Brookfield Place Sydney redevelopment will transform the existing premises between George Street and Wynyard Station  into a world class commercial and retail centre. Wynyard Station’s George Street entrance will be upgraded,  connecting the station to a grand transit hall and public concourse flanked by high end retail. A 27 level state-of-the-art office tower at 10 Carrington Street will be located above the transit hall and retail spaces.


The development also includes restoration of the adjoining historic Shell House and 285 George Street.

Q. Why is the development occurring (what are its benefits)?

A. The development has been designed to integrate with Sydney’s $2.2 billion light rail project with the transit hall linking with the City of Sydney’s pedestrian walkway and light rail project on George Street. The redeveloped transit hall will provide excellent connectivity for Wynyard Station with the light rail, bus, taxi and pedestrian networks, through a world class concourse that will connect more than 100,000 commuters daily into and out of the centre of the Sydney CBD.

Q. When did work commence?

A. Works commenced in late 2016 with more intensive works starting in 2017.

Q. When did the project receive planning approval?

A. A Concept Plan for the project was approved in 2012 and State Significant Development Consent was granted on 25 September 2015.


Q. Who is delivering the project?

A. Brookfield Properties is developing the project, with Multiplex as the construction contractor.


Q. There is already work happening in Wynyard Station. How is this different?

A. Brookfield Place Sydney is an independent project which is being developed on the sites of existing buildings, located adjacent to Wynyard Station. The Brookfield Place Sydney project will incorporate the station’s eastern access and provide a key missing link between the station and George Street via a new grand transit hall and public concourse areas. 

Q. What does the project involve?

A. Construction works for the project involve internal strip-out of the existing buildings on the site, demolition and construction of Brookfield Place Sydney, together with works to the public domain. The two heritage buildings on the site – Shell House and 285 George Street, will both undergo refurbishment.


Q. What time of the day will the building activities occur?

A. Construction hours will be in line with the NSW Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment (COVID-19 Development – Construction Work Days) Order 2020. This enables construction works to be carried out Monday – Friday from 7am – 7pm as well as weekends and public holidays as required. In addition some fit out works may be carried out out-of-hours and this has been approved by the City of Sydney.

Q. Why do you have to make changes to access arrangements for Wynyard Lane?

A. The building in the area and access to the station are below the level of the Wynyard Lane roadway. In order to construct the new building, the existing building has to be removed, along with a section of Wynyard Lane. This means that the continuous roadway through Wynyard Lane will no longer exist. The width of the laneway is not suitable to enable vehicles to turn around, so part of the lane will be closed. The closure of Wynyard Lane Car Park and the Menzies Hotel will significantly reduce the traffic demand on Wynyard Lane so traffic will be restricted to local vehicles only on the south side of Wynyard Lane which will operate as a two-way traffic flow, to provide access to driveways in this area. Multiplex will assist local lane users with the provision of traffic management for this section of the lane.


Q. How will I access my business?

A. Premises which have driveway entries at the southern end of Wynyard Lane will be able to enter from Barrack Street at the southern end, instead of from Margaret Street (heading north). Traffic management will assist with any potential vehicle conflicts. Vehicles will leave heading south, just as they do today.


Q. How will my customers access my business?

A. Businesses in the area with Carrington and George Street frontages will experience ‘business as usual’ and their access will be unaffected by the works. Businesses with a an entry onto the laneway will have their access maintained via the southern end of the lane. Some vehicle drop-off activities may be restricted due to the closure of the northern end of the lane. 

Q. How will deliveries and other services such as garbage collection be managed?

A. Access to loading docks and driveways will be retained for premises south of the site, however during construction works, all access for services and deliveries will be via the southern end of Wynyard Lane. We are working with existing rubbish removal contractors and delivery services to develop a coordinated service, pick-up and delivery regime and minimise disruption along the laneway.