Australian Industry Participation Plan for the Brookfield Place Sydney Project

Brookfield is committed to providing information about upcoming tender packages for the supply of key goods or services for the project so as to provide opportunities for Australian entities to tender for the supply of goods and services to be procured by Brookfield in connection with the project. There are two phases to the plan. The construction phase for and during the construction of the project and the operational phase, following construction completion of the project and the project is open
and operational. 

Brookfield has appointed Multiplex as its construction manager for the construction phase. Multiplex will be responsible for assisting with the plan and is the immediate point of contact, via the instructions on this webpage. Multiplex will publish further details of the relevant contact person for the operational phase at the time operational procurement commences.

Pre-Qualification Requirements

Multiplex will require all of its suppliers to conform to pre-determined pre-qualification requirements that Multiplex has developed in connection with its procurement activities 

Accordingly, for all entities employed on the Project, the entities will be evaluated on their:

  • Work Health and Safety and Quality assurance procedures

  • Performance on previous projects

  • Financial stability

  • Record of undertaking similar works

  • Capacity to deliver projects of similar complexity and size

  • Current resources to service the project scope

  • Specialist know-how or expertise

  • Capacity to complete in time

  • Reliability and certainty of supply

Notification of Opportunities to supply goods and services 

Expressions of Interest

Expressions of interests have now closed. If you have any general questions about the project please contact us.